I have lived in many places in Florida. To name a few I have lived in Miami, Miami Beach, Naples, Orlando, Altamonte Springs,  Tampa and now most recently I have been in the Palm Harbor area of Pinellas county for about 10 years now. While I can’t speak for all of Pinellas County, North Pinellas county from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs is my favorite, especially Palm Harbor. I own a couple of properties in Palm Harbor myself including my primary home and the area is amazing for those looking for almost no crime and clean neighborhoods. We boast some of the best and highly rated schools including East Lake High school and Palm Harbor University High school which keeps our resale values pretty high. One of my favorite things about Palm Harbor compared to the other places I have lived at is the people. In Palm Harbor people are actually nice and will say hi to you. My brother came to visit last year and he left his wallet on top of the local 7 eleven gas station with $370 dollars in cash in the wallet and someone found it and turned it in to the gas station employees whom hand it to me with all the money still in it. He was so surprised that I found it and that the money was still in there. I think we owe that to the great school system we have in the area. That’s the type of people we have in Palm Harbor and that is why I love selling real estate here.

I am the type of real estate agent that needs to believe in the product that I am selling. I worked for a broker before that put us in Kissimmee FL selling some what I believed to be time shares. It was an iffy type of situation where I had a feeling that I was not selling a product where I was helping the people. The owners of the time share had complete control of the property and could do so many things that would cause problems for the individual owners that made me cringe. I sold zero of those properties meanwhile my colleagues sold a bunch especially to unsuspecting British investors. I was canned from the company as I did not have it in me to sell something I did not believe in. Now 10 years after that I am proud to be selling real estate in North Pinellas County. It’s one of the nicest areas for those looking for peace and tranquility yet just a few minutes away from the 24-7 party of Clearwater Beach.

Palm Harbor boasts some of the best natural parks around. Just on the border of Dunedin and Palm Harbor on the Dunedin side is Honey Moon Island and Caladesi Island and state parks. These are top notch beaches that are constantly on Florida’s top 10 beaches and Honey Moon Island has actually been #1 previously. We also have some seriously nice parks like A.L. Anderson Park which sits just North of Palm Harbor in Tarpon Springs and John Chesnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor. Both of those parks sit on the 2500 acre Lake Tarpon and both have boat docs for the lake which has some of the best fresh water fishing in Florida. If you own a boat or kayak we have some of the nicest preserved salt water areas including a spring just offshore where fresh water spews out of a hole in the ocean! My family and I try to get out on our boats whenever we have time and my kids love looking for shells in many of the barrier islands that you can only get to by boat or kayak like 3 Rooker sandbar.

It’s this passion for my area that has allowed me and my wife Krystin to sell every single home we have listed in Palm Harbor. We currently have some nice listings including 2403 Grove Ridge Dr. in Palm Harbor FL. This property has been tastefully updated with a gourmet kitchen and 2 new bathrooms. The Granite in the kitchen matches perfectly with the tall expresso cabinets and the sparkling backsplash. This home at 2403 Grove Ridge Dr. MLS U7825083 is available as of 7/11/2017 and is our exclusive listing. It’s a 4 bedroom 2 bath with a great entertaining enclosed porch on the rear. To schedule a private showing to for this updated Palm Harbor home just contact us on directly at +506-8723‐2963 for Krystin or 727-324-9425 for Eric and we will meet you there in a jiffy. For those of you reading this blog up north I have put together a full motion video tour of our exclusive listing here on our web site. Watch the video and let me know