I've said it before and I'll say it again...Eric and I are One-Stop-Shopping for all of your renovations, buying & selling needs in Palm Harbor and the surrounding Tampa Bay areas...here's a perfect example.

We've had a listing on hold for a month or so over in Oldsmar, Fl waiting for the owner's 'handyman' to finish the kitchen remodel....oh boy...the owner finally had enough of the waiting and told Eric to go in with his guys and 'finish the job and just get it listed already!'

The owner didn't seem to think that there was much more to do, so Eric went by himself to check it out. He quickly realized that there was more that needed to be done than the owner thought. The handyman attached the cabinets without fixing the drywall behind it first! The handyman wired the microwave wrong! The handyman did not drill the hole for the drain from the dishwasher high enough to create an 'air gap'. (The air gap keeps you from smelling the stinky water that's down the drain and also keeps water from flowing back from the sink into the dishwasher…kind of important)! The handyman also used a polybutylene water line for the refrigerator ice maker (see if you can get insurance with any polybutylene water lines...hint, you won't!) He did not texture the walls or the ceiling, he had exposed LIVE electrical wires sticking out from behind the cabinets where lights should have been installed and Eric also had to put drywall anchors in the holes where you screw on outlet covers, as the handyman apparently ripped them all out and destroyed the threads! So sad that this guy was taking money from the owner and doing THIS kind of work!

No worries...we've got this! Eric finished the work and it was sold within a few months!