Every morning I check the newest list of properties whose listings expired the day before. What this means is...you chose an agent, signed a 6 month listing with them, they marketed your house to the best of their ability, you kept your house magazine-ready the whole time, allowed countless strangers to walk through your house, morning, noon, night (and of course weekends), only to have the agreement expire 6 months later with no contract...How frustrating! Have no fear, Eric and I specialize in these types of listings...'Expireds' as we call them in the world of real estate. But I'm writing this to inform every reader, the TOP 5 REASONS it didn't sell.


In the past few years, every homeowner listing their home for sale wished for...no, EXPECTED...to get multiple offers and a bidding war that would drive up the sales price, so they could walk away with even more than originally thought, in their pocket! Those days are slowly starting to dwindle. The number of buyers is getting smaller so there aren't as many people looking and fighting over the same house. This affects the way a Realtor should price the home too. We can no longer go above and beyond the comparable sales like before. Our pricing now has to be in-line with the most recent sales otherwise, everyone will think it’s a waste of time. 


Think of the first impression you get when you walk into a house. The smells, the temperature, the lighting, the ‘feng-shui’. These all have a subliminal impact on a buyer who may be thinking of buying your house. This is my area of expertise…we have our own items that we use, in case a home needs a little extra help. But most of the time I use the things already in the home to emphasize the nicer features. Because we have already been flipping homes in the Tampa Bay area for the past 7 years, we know exactly what buyers look for when they enter a home. Everything I do is to make those things stand out and be the focal point of the room or house. This is the #1 task I have the hardest time with…it’s not easy getting homeowners to trust you in rearranging or removing their things. But…Keep Calm, I’m a Flipper…comes in handy here!  


Anytime a buyer and their agent walk through a house, they are looking for things that they can deduct for. No one wants to pay full price for anything, right? And any little thing they find, they deduct an outrageous cost for! I once had a homeowner tell me “Let’s leave things for the inspector to find”….I need to put a side-eye emoji here…never, ever, ever intentionally leave things for buyers and inspectors to find. That’s just not smart and costly in the long run. Since Eric is a Residential Contractor, he can fix many items that may come up on the inspection report, which is great, because a lot of things we’ll just fix without any cost to the seller! BUT! If the inspector finds some outlet covers missing, for example, the homeowner will need a licensed electrician to screw on a cover. Nevermind that it’s something so minor, I could even do it. But because it’s an electrical component, you will need to show proof that an electrician did it in order to get insurance. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. No new homeowner will want a list of things that need repairs when they first move into their new home. Just fix it already! It’ll save you and the new owners a huge headache later!


Technology is so great, unfortunately, so many real estate agents don’t utilize it on their listings! Eric and I do all of our own photography. We’ve taken classes on how to work lighting and angles and even have aerial photography capabilities! Haven’t you ever heard ‘Pictures are worth a thousand words’? It 100% rings true in Real Estate! The pictures an agent takes will either make it or break it in the sale of your home. If you ever see your agent walk in on picture day with just a cell phone or even those small digital cameras, ask them to leave! There is no way they will do your home any justice! Anyone looking on the internet will ‘swipe-right’, Next! We even offer a view inside, similar to what Google has on their street views. You can look around, move from room to room, zoom in, just like you’re there! This is the future of Real Estate and Eric and I are already on it!


No matter how good the photos are, the price may be right, the house may be perfect…if you don’t have a good agent, you won’t sell your home. There are agents that do not answer their phone calls, text messages or emails. Once they have the paperwork signed and the pictures on their cell phone, you never hear from them again. These are what we call ‘Numbers agents’. They may list 100 properties a year and only sell about half of them, that’s only a 50% list-to-sell ratio…only 50% chance your home will sell in the time you gave them. That’s not how Eric and I do business…we hold a 100% list-to-sell ratio for the past 6 years. And we do everything we can to keep it there!

Obviously there are many other factors that go into a successful sale of your home. We would love to discuss them with you anytime! Leave a comment here or feel free to give us a call…Eric 727-324-9425 or Krystin +506-8723‐2963. I hope you found this information valuable and are able to use it when you decide to sell your own house…and of course, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, give us a call so we can guide you to a successful sale too.