Even when I first started out in real estate, my ‘flipping’ past helped me in the home buying and selling process. My very first buyers were also first-time home buyers. Being renters, they knew nothing about the home buying process or about house maintenance in general. They knew what ‘looked pretty’, but they didn’t know about the little things to look for. Cracks, bumps, rot, unleveled...a few of the many things to look at during the search. Even when a house has been "completely remodeled", there are tell-tale signs that the person who did the work either didn’t know what they were doing or just didn’t take the time and money to do it right.

When you walk into a house, take it all in. Look at all the pretty things, the pretty colors, the granite on the large island, the new windows, the sparkly chandelier…go ahead. Then you need to start paying attention to the details. Look at the walls in different lighting; you may see bumps in the drywall. Look under the kitchen cabinets, especially under the sink. You may see stains on the cabinet base or drip marks on the plumbing from dried up water leaks. Try to move the toilets, they should not budge, if they do there’s a problem. Look at the cuts in the tile, both on the floors and in the showers. They should be smooth/straight edges, not jagged or uneven. Also look at the leveling of the tiles, there shouldn’t be any raised corners. If there are, they could be the source of a cut or stubbed toe later on…ouch! These are just a few of the most common things you would find in a remodeled house. There are so many other crazy things that I’ve seen, it’s actually really sad.

The buyers that I was helping started to realize how invaluable my services were. There was one house they wanted to see but I was going out of town that weekend. The way the market was, that house was not going to last. So I called the listing agent and asked her to please show my clients the house. Eric thought I was crazy, that I was just opening myself up for drama if we came to close, but I was torn and didn’t want to be the reason they lost it. He told me to talk to my buyers. If they wanted to see the house, the listing agent would show it to them, but to make sure they understood that anything they said could be used against them later on in negotiations. Not to mention, she won’t point out the negatives of the home like I could. I said everything Eric told me to say but left it open for them to make up their own minds. Without any hesitation, the husband said to me, “Absolutely not! If you’re not there, we aren’t going.” He told me how much they valued my opinions and could tell that I had their best interest at heart. As a Buyer’s Agent, that’s what you want to hear, it makes you feel like you’ve been doing it all right. Especially for me, only being licensed for a few months at that time...We ended up finding them the most perfect house. It wasn't 'beautifully updated’; the only thing discovered on the inspection report was a little spot of wood rot in the siding at the back of the house! They are still very happy there two years later!

The one thing that bothers me the most when I’m looking at houses is when the Realtor’s description says something like, ‘beautifully remodeled’ or ‘gorgeous inside’ and it’s actually a horror show! Sure it looks great to the untrained eye, but what we see is a lawsuit waiting to happen! In some cases, it’s just plain dangerous for any family to live in. I am constantly asking myself, how is this person selling a death trap like this with a clear conscience?! It makes me sick. Every house we have flipped, we’ve been able to sell with a clear conscience and that’s something that I’m proud of.

Eric and I pride ourselves on running our business the same way we live our lives…honestly. If you keep putting out bad karma…well, you know what they say about karma. No thanks!

So call us today to help you find a home. We promise to have your best interest at heart from beginning to end. It'll save you in the long run!