While I know this title is quite controversial, and you might be saying, ‘Who are YOU to say this is Tampa Bay's Most Beautiful Beach?’ I have been to some of the world’s best beaches and I’m simply stating my opinion.

First, my qualifications: I was born in Costa Rica, home of at least 3 of the world’s top 10 beaches and while I love the beaches in Costa Rica, my only objection to them is that the ocean can be quite rough. So unless you are a great swimmer (or a surfer) it’s probably best you don’t go in past your waist since the waves will knock you down. Besides Costa Rica, I grew up in Miami Beach, again another of the world’s top beaches. And while most of my friends will hate me for saying this, it is absolutely fake and does not compare to Honeymoon Island. Miami Beach does have nice warm water and the ocean is not as rough as Costa Rica, however there are lots of rip currents, the water gets deep very quickly and the white sandy beach you see is actually crushed coral. Not to mention you may get a naked man in your face. Miami Beach is also extremely packed, very hard to park in and super expensive!

A very comparable beach to the ones in Miami is Clearwater Beach. I like Clearwater beach better since it’s not as rough, the sand is like powder, it’s not as hard to find a parking spot, it has a decent night life and the people are more reserved.  I have also been to beaches in the Bahamas but there were a lot of sharks where I was! No thank you!

Enough about the runner-ups! The reason I think Honeymoon Island (and Caladesi Island) is the Tampa Bay's Most Beautiful Beach is because the water is clean, the ocean is as flat as a pool and you can walk out half a mile and still be in waist-high water. The natural beauty at this State Park speaks for itself. There is a nature trail that you can walk where you can enjoy watching everything from Ospreys to Pelicans to Tortoises and Armadillos. There is always space in the multiple parking lots, and while there is a small fee to come in, most of the local residents either buy a yearly pass or float in on their kayaks or stand up paddleboards. There are no waves so if you like surfing this is NOT the spot for you. That said, I take my long board out when there is a good wind or a storm in the Gulf. As one of the area’s local Realtors that enjoy surfing, I make the best of the knee to waist-high waves during storms or days with higher winds. After a long day of walking the trails and swimming you can have something to eat at the South Beach Café. And while the food is nothing to write home about, when you are hungry, it will hit the spot.

Before you enter the park, on the Dunedin Causeway, there is a place you can rent Kayaks or sail boats and also have a bite to eat. One of my favorite restaurants, Frenchy’s now opened up a location on the Causeway, en route to or coming from Honeymoon Island. Frenchy’s serves great seafood, but that is another blog for another day! I live in Palm Harbor and my wife and I often ride our bikes down the Pinellas Trail, which meets up with the Dunedin Causeway walking and jogging path.

Did I mention that Honeymoon Island has a Dog Beach? You are supposed to have them leashed but at least they can come with you if you want to spend a beautiful day with your pooch! You will see the dog beach from my aerial video tour of Honeymoon Island below. (By the way, I would like to mention that as far as I can tell, I am the only Realtor in Tampa Bay using drone technology for aerial video's and photography.....I can't wait to use it on a high-end listing!) 

Some of the best shelling my wife and I have ever done was on Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands. We even found huge live clams and sand dollars! To get to Caladesi Island you need a boat or kayak, or you can walk to it from the other side from the north part of Clearwater Beach! Please enjoy the videos and photos of this great State Park that I have put together for you! One video even includes aerial footage of Honeymoon Island. It was a windy day so my camera was a little shaky.  Also as one of the area’s top real estate agents, I have put together some links to properties ON the Dunedin Causeway and also some surrounding areas. If you need to buy a home or sell your home, please call my cell phone at 727-324-9425 or my wife’s cell phone at +506-8723‐2963 or visit my website at www.PrestigeFloridaHomes.com.