I'm starting to realize that just because you've been in a business for so long, doesn't mean you know everything there is to know about it. In the Real Estate business, the game is constantly changing and if you aren't keeping up with the newest technologies you'll get left behind.

There are new gizmos and whatcha-ma-callums coming out every single day and a lot of these new things we can utilize in our Real Estate marketing. I'm not going to reveal all of Eric's and my secrets, but let's just say, we have many ways of leaping beyond a large chunk of those run-of-the-mill Realtors out there.

What really upsets me is that someone may have a really bad Realtor, they don't return your phone calls, they take days before responding to your emails, they don't give you updates about your home...showings, offers, the sale process. Their home goes Expired after not selling for a long period of time and sometimes they don't even know about it! That's it! They are put off from Realtors for the rest of their lives! They think we are all the same.

That's where my husband and I swoop in...we specialize in selling homes in Palm Harbor, Florida and the surrounding Tampa Bay Areas that have not sold due to overpricing, bad marketing or just plain bad Realtors! Back in August we got a call from someone that was trying to sell their Palm Harbor home since January. Their Realtor was one of those I mentioned earlier...don't worry, we've got this! It took until December 7th to get her to agree to list her home with us, it immediately started getting showings that afternoon and for several days after, BUT it took us only 2 days to get a contract for MORE than asking price with a 30 day closing. *DROP THE MIC*

She told us afterwards that it took so long for her to commit because she thought we were just blowing smoke.....but now she realized we "actually know what we're doing" (her words!).

Some things we had to do in order to sell her home as quickly and for the best price possible (it's a win-win obviously) were small, cosmetic things. Remove some of the heavy curtains that were blocking the sun light and amazing views from every angle. We had to change almost every outlet and switch cover in that house, we had to remove some of the blinds that were the old cloth verticals (you know the ones!), they were dirty and outdated. Eric took the most amazing pictures too!

Also, Eric has his contractor's license and he specializes in renovating a house to maximize the return. I specialize in knowing what looks good! Together we make an amazing Real Estate team...leaps and bounds beyond your average Realtor!

If you want to flip your home or just get rid of it and make a little cash, let us know! We've got this!